The Authorized Take-to-English Dictionary: KPIs and Reporting Instruments

Ed. Remark: That is the most recent installment of The Authorized Take-to-English Dictionary, a part of our non-event for tech-replexed legal professionals. Jared Correa is the host of the non-eventcast.

When legal professionals use Latin and different mystical languages ​​to explain authorized procedures to customers, there’s a time period for it: “authorized.”

However when salespeople use technical and different mystical languages ​​to explain their authorized software program operations to legal professionals, there isn’t a equal time period for it.

True, this dynamic could seem inappropriate. However now we’ve The Authorized Take-to-English Dictionary to assist us take care of it.

Learn on for the most recent installment, the place we translate KPI associated matters into plain English. And to improve to your workflow, obtain our free purchaser information on the backside of this manner, or go to the non-event for extra data!


  1. Key Efficiency Indicators. A singular metric that broadly defines a regulation agency’s functionality in a particular space.
  2. A efficiency measure used to guage the success of a enterprise in a particular class.

Lawyer 1: This is the KPI for you, James—Gin and Tonic was consumed at this workplace get together.

Lawyer 1: A fucking lot.

worker turnover price

  1. The speed at which staff go away the enterprise in a given time period.
  2. Share of staff baking the turnover within the specified interval.

New Legislation Agency Rent: What Form of Coaching Sources Do You Present for New Staff?

Legislation Agency Worker: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Legislation Agency Worker: HAHAHA

New Legislation Agency Rent: Um. , ,

Legislation Agency Worker: Wait a second. , ,

Legislation Agency Worker: HAHAHAHA

Legislation Agency Staff: Ha!!

c f a October 2020 Research It reveals that regulation companies lose 15 associates for each 20 they rent. It could probably not be that a lot, however regulation companies are infamous for treating associates and staff poorly.

c f With a concentrate on the wants of the millennial workforceIt’s extra vital than ever that regulation companies start to vary the way in which they current themselves to job candidates.

utilization price

  1. On any given day, the period of time a lawyer payments.
  2. The period of time obtainable to an legal professional that’s transformed into billable work, expressed as a proportion.

Managing Accomplice: Use, what?

Managing Accomplice: Oh, you imply like John Stuart Mill,

Managing Accomplice: Effectively, it is a bit early for philosophy. I often do not do it till after 2 pm however, I’ll make an exception.

Managing Accomplice: Seize a chair, and we’re straight’An Examination of the Philosophy of Sir William Hamilton.’

c f 2019 Clio Authorized Developments ReportThis reveals that utilization price, as an expression of effectivity, could also be a very powerful metric for figuring out a regulation agency’s income.

CF Further income metrics, together with restoration price and assortment charges, are equally beneficial to regulation companies.


  1. The state or situation of seeing.
  2. The state of being straightforward to see or find.
  3. The regime by which regulation companies present staff with perception into enterprise administration processes and monetary data.

The significance of horse-trading from staff inside CF regulation companies, aided by clear foreign money from regulation agency house owners.

internet Promoter Rating

  1. A KPI measuring the willingness of a regulation agency’s shoppers to suggest its companies.
  2. A calculation was made by asking shoppers of a regulation agency to price whether or not they would suggest the regulation agency on a scale of 1 to 10. The ‘promoters’ price the regulation agency on a scale of 9 to 10. Passives price regulation companies on a scale of seven to eight. ‘Detectors’ price the regulation agency at 6 or much less. The ‘NPS rating’ is arrived at by subtracting the proportion of opponents from the proportion of promoters. The upper the rating, the higher.

Lawyer 1: No, we removed the entice a few years in the past.

Lawyer 1: If it helps, I’ve this Taser. However, you might must cost the battery.

c f 2018 Cleo Authorized Developments Report, indicating that the typical regulation agency NPS rating is true round that of the airways. So, no good.

Jared Correa, a marketing consultant and authorized know-how professional, is the host of Non-Eventcast, the aforementioned regulation non-event featured podcast for tech-paraplex legal professionals.

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