Brad Candy took the I-55 . Received the Ironman 55 at Federated Auto Components Raceway

Brad Candy

Massive Cat Power: Brad Candy Dominates Pawley for First Ironman 55 Title

Championship Chief Controls All 55 Laps for $20,000 Payday

Peavely, MO – August 6, 2022 – there was simply no denying Brad Candy on Saturday evening I-55 . At Federated Auto Components Raceway,

With the World of Outlaws NOS Vitality Drink Dash Automotive Collection as a three-time champion and winner of 77 profession options, the Grass Valley, CA native remains to be on his strategy to kick off these first profession achievements with The Best Present on Grime On the lookout for.

In July, he lastly scored his first profession win at Williams Grove Speedway, and on Saturday, he lastly tamed the enduring Ironman 55 introduced by the Festus Tourism Fee. “The Massive Cat” has lengthy been a hit within the Pewley, MO 1/3-mile—confirmed by her now-five-career win on the observe—however the observe’s main occasion had all the time held her out till tonight.

Candy shortly grabbed the purpose and by no means missed it for a full 55 laps, incomes pole place together with his series-best fifth win within the DIRTVVision Quick Move Sprint. Kasey Kahne Racing, NAPA Auto Components #49 was in impeccable kind, constructing beneficial properties as giant as 4+ seconds at one level, and simply survived a trio of restarts.

It was little redemption for the present championship chief, who misplaced Friday evening earlier than Ironman in heart-wrenching trend when lap visitors allowed Carson Macedo to cease instantly and full the Hail Mary slider. The 36-year-old took this under consideration as he destroyed the sphere on Saturday in a $20,000 successful facility.

“After final evening, I assumed we had one thing to show and I used to be fairly pissed to be sincere,” Candy admitted. “I let my individuals down and I did not do my job to offer us the victory we wanted and deserved. Crew morale and confidence is an enormous factor on this sport and we are actually heading to the Knoxville Nationals after dominating 55 laps on the hardest observe of the 12 months. It is good so as to add it to the resume on the finish. ,

Though the 2018 Knoxville Nationwide Champion managed Saturday’s present from inexperienced to checkered, he by no means felt snug within the cockpit.

“You don’t have any time to relaxation on this race observe,” Candy continued. “You are consistently on the lookout for a quick line and I assumed I might pushed 48 good laps, however after I went on the lookout for issues there have been a couple of errors. Fortunately this automotive was so good that I used to be slightly bit higher than the others. May have executed the higher transfer. I used to be undoubtedly slightly additional pressured to get via it.”

Trailing Candy’s NAPA was #49 for all 55 laps carson macedo In Jason Johnson Racing, Albaugh #41. Not like on Friday evening, this time round there was no late-race magic to spoil Candy’s celebration. The Lemur, CA native obtained his golden alternative when Warning took off on lap 50 and landed him on Candy’s rear bumper, however nothing may cease #49 from cruising via a 1.396-second margin of victory.

“I believe we have been aggressive once more and felt we did rather well, however Brad was superb at that function,” Macedo famous whereas chasing Candy. “He may transfer round and work wherever he wanted to. I believe final 12 months we weren’t practically pretty much as good at paywalls, so it is nice to return right here with two wins and a second. I am prepared for Knoxville.”

The very same trio of podium finishers needed to end for the second evening in a row James McFadden In his Roth Motorsports #83. He’ll lead the Knoxville Nationals with a great deal of momentum and confidence and hopes so as to add that first win of the season to his belt.

“He slapped us,” McFadden mentioned on Candy. “When there is a center like that, Brad is the man to beat. We have been aggressive with Carson and I had a extremely good battle with Donnie as nicely. I like working with Donnie, who’s a great man like him, and How does that make you run. These guys in entrance have been in one other world, however it was enjoyable battling our little bubble tonight. I hope I can win this race at some point, we have been so shut now. on Knoxville.”

Donnie Shatzo Tony Stewart/Curve-Agajanian Racing rode a Ford Efficiency, CarQuest Auto Components #15 to complete fourth for the second straight evening. was to be out of the highest 5 Sheldon Hodenschildwho charged from nineteenth to fifth to earn KSE Arduous Charger honors in Stenhouse Junior/Marshall Racing, NOS Vitality Drink #17.

The highest-10 in Saturday’s 55-lapper was Rico Abreu in sixth, Brock Zierfoss in seventh, Justin Peck in eighth, Noah Gass in ninth and Spencer Beston in tenth.

NOS Pocket book (I-55 Raceway, 8/6/22)

Brad Candy’s 77th profession World of Outlaws NOS Vitality Drink Dash Automotive Collection win noticed him take Steve Smith (84) seven wins away from tenth on the all-time win record.

David Gravell began the evening together with his ninety fifth profession World of Outlaws quicktime, circling I-55 in 10.512 seconds to steer My Place Resorts qualifying. Gravel, Hunter Schuerenberg, Logan Schuchert and Brock Zierfoss make up Saturday’s NOS Vitality Drink Warmth Race.

After his actions at Weedsport Speedway final Sunday – which included pushing and pulling a series officer, throwing security gear at a stay observe and making obscene gestures on the crowd – to pay Sheldon Howdenschild by September 1, 2022 Obtained a $1,000 nice.

Reply Subsequent (Wed-Saturn) – The Best Present on Grime is now gearing up for ‘Em All’ granddaddy. The World of Outlaws NOS Vitality Drink Dash Automotive Collection is heading to The Dash Automotive Capital of the World, Knoxville, Iowa. A area of 100+ entries will compete for a million-dollar purse on the 61st NOS Vitality Drink Knoxville Nationals introduced by KC from Wednesday-Saturday, August 10-13. Followers can purchase tickets right here, or watch each lap stay on Dirtvision.

38 Entries

410 Dash – Winged

One trait (55 laps): 1. 49-Brad Candy[1], 2. 41-Carson Macedo[2], 3. 83-James McFadden[3], 4. 15-Donnie Schatz[4], 5. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild[19], 6. 24-Rico Abreu[13], 7. 3Z-Brock Zierfoss[7], 8. 13-Justin Peck[10], 9. 20G-Noah Gus[11], 10. 5-Spencer Byston[12], 11. 83JR-Keri Madsen[9], 12. 2-David Gravel[5], 13. 1AU-Marcus Dumesny[14], 14. 51b-Joe B. Miller[21], 15. 11K-Craig Kinser[20], 16. 84-Brandon Hanxo[23], 17. 1S-Logan Schuchert[6], 18. 9JR-Derek Hagrow[22], 19. 3N-Jake Newman[24], 20. 7S-Robi Worth[15], 21. 101-Lachlan McHugh[17], 22. 25-JJ Hickle[16], 23. 1a-Jacob Allen[18], 24. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg[8]

Final Probability Showdown (12 laps): 1. 51b-Joe B. Miller[4], 2. 9JR-Derek Hagar[1], 3. 84-Brandon Hanks[7], 4. 3N-Jake Newman[3], 5. 6-Invoice Rose[10], 6. 50K-Kyle Bellum[6], 7. 28-Jason Keetho[8], 8. 29-Breton Lynch[9], 9. 2K-Kevin Ingle[13], 10. 7D-Marshall Skinner[16], 11. 63-Ted Kirkpatrick[11], 12. 22S-Slater Helmet[2], 13. 17C-Carson Quick[5], 14. 1-Travin Littleton[12], 15. 35-Zach Hampton[14], 16. 44-Cole Duncan[15], 17. 23B-Brian Bell[17], 18. 49J-Josh Schneiderman[18]

Dirtvision Quick Move Sprint (6 laps): 1. 49-Brad Candy[2], 2. 41-Carson Macedo[1], 3. 83-James McFadden[5], 4. 15-Donnie Schatz[6], 5. 2-David Gravel[4], 6. 1S-Logan Schuchert[8], 7. 3Z-Brock Zierfoss[7], 8. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg[3]

Warmth 1 (8 laps): 1. 2-David Gravel[1], 2. 41-Carson Macedo[4], 3. 83JR-Keri Madsen[2], 4. 24-Rico Abreu[3], 5. 101-Lachlan McHugh[5], 6. 9JR-Derek Hagar[6], 7. 17C-Carson Quick[8], 8. 29-Breton Lynch[7], 9. 2K-Kevin Ingle[9], 10. 49J-Josh Schneiderman[10]

Warmth 2 (8 laps): 1. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg[1], 2. 49-Brad Candy[3], 3. 20G-Noah Gus[4], 4. 7S-Robi Worth[5], 5. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild[2], 6. 3N-Jake Newman[7], 7. 84-Brandon Hanks[8], 8. 63-Ted Kirkpatrick[9], 9. 44-Cole Duncan[6]

Warmth 3 (8 laps): 1. 1S-Logan Shoechart[2], 2. 83-James McFadden[1], 3. 13-Justin Peck[3], 4. 1AU-Marcus Dumesny[4], 5. 1a-Jacob Allen[5], 6. 22S-Slater Helt[6], 7. 50K-Kyle Bellum[8], 8. 6-Invoice Rose[7], 9. 35-Zach Hampton[9], 10. 7D-Marshall Skinner[10]

Warmth 4 (8 laps): 1. 3Z-Brock Zierfoss[1], 2. 15-Donnie Schatz[3], 3. 5-Spencer Byston[2], 4. 25-JJ Hickle[4], 5. 11K-Craig Kinser[5], 6. 51b-Joe B. Miller[6], 7. 28-Jason Keetho[8], 8. 1-Travin Littleton[9], 9. 23B-Brian Bell[7]

Qualifying A (2 laps): 1. 2-David Gravel, 00:10.512[12], 2. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg, 00:10.516[11], 3. 83JR-Kerry Madsen, 00:10.545[19], 4. 17-Sheldon Hodenschild, 00:10.632[9], 5. 24-Rico Abreu, 00:10.675[14], 6. 49-Brad’s Candy, 00:10.748[16], 7. 41-Carson Macedo, 00:10.749[13], 8. 20G-Noah Gasoline, 00:10.749[17], 9. 101-Lachlan McHugh, 00:10.931[3], 10. 7S-Robby Worth, 00:10.931[4], 11. 9JR-Derek Hager, 00:10.968[10], 12. 44-Cole Duncan, 00:11.097[15], 13. 29-Breton Lynch, 00:11.162[8], 14. 3n-Jake Newman, 00:11.170[5], 15. 17c-Carson Quick, 00:11.294[18], 16. 84—Brandon Hanks, 00:11.439[2], 17. 2K-Kevin Ingle, 00:11.662[1], 18. 63-Ted Kirkpatrick, 00:12.715[7], 19. 49J-Josh Schneiderman, 00:12.715[6]

Qualifying B (2 laps): 1.83-James McFadden, 00:10.552[12], 2. 3Z-Brock Zierfoss, 00:10.592[5], 3. 1S-Logan Shoechart, 00:10.608[11], 4. 5-Spencer Byston, 00:10.697[15], 5.13—Justin Peck, 00:10.768[13], 6.15—Donnie Schatz, 00:10.814[6], 7. 1AU-Marcus Dumesny, 00:10.823[4], 8. 25-JJ Hickl, 00:10.827[14], 9. 1a-Jacob Allen, 00:10.859[3], 10. 11K-Craig Kinser, 00:10.893[18], 11. 22S-Slater Helt, 00:10.982[8], 12. 51b-Joe B. Miller, 00:11.024[9], 13. 6-Invoice Rose, 00:11.195[1], 14. 23b-Brian Bell, 00:11.02[19], 15. 50K—Kyle Bellum, 00:11.218[10], 16. 28-Jason Keith, 00:11.409[17], 17. 35-Zach Hampton, 00:11.418[16], 18. 1-Travin Littleton, 00:11.466[7], 19. 7D-Marshall Skinner, 00:11.903[2]

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